Health and social care

The health and social care sector focuses on providing physical, emotional and social help to support people’s health.

Health and social care sector

Facts and figures

The health and social care service is delivered be a range of public and private organisations. It’s the largest employment sector within the West of England and contains a huge variety of job roles for example administrators, project managers, paramedics, nurses and doctors.

Employee jobs
Average earnings
Careers in health and social care services

Career progression

There are a wide range of entry level jobs across the health and social care sector these include:


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Top skills requested by employers

Skills for health and social care jobs can be split between ‘general’ skills and ‘specialist’ skill. General are transferrable between sectors and sought by most employers, whilst specialist skills are more focused on the sector.

General skills
  • Communications
  • Management
  • Customer service
  • Leadership
  • Planning
Specialist skills
  • Nursing
  • Mental Health
  • Personal Care
  • Surgery
  • Midwifery
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Green jobs

Green health and social care

Many health and social care companies are working to become more sustainable. There are green elements featured in roles including:

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